"Exceptional writing. Exciting, suspenseful, humorous and thought provoking. I couldn't put this book down." (Amazon review)




        I can't tell you how much we love ALL of your stories.  We've been reading the Christmas ones for years and are reading Amon now for the 3rd time. I have read all the Mike Danford books aloud and lately my kids have been reading them....till all hours of the night.


Kids need role models who seek God, love Jesus, and through his Spirit learn to overcome their own faults and weaknesses.

That's exactly what our books provide.

Whether it's the lost and scared kids of the Jotham's Journey Christmas series, the fighting-to-grow-up adventures of Amon, or the teens struggling to live out their faith in the Mike Danford series, the protagonists are human and fallible, yet learning to lean on Jesus.

But sometimes adults need role models too, and Thomas Wright might be a perfect fit -- even though he doubts his own faith in How I Lost All Hope. Or maybe it's Kyle Brown, who discovers The 12th Privilege.

Whatever your age, there's a good chance we have a role model somewhere in here for you and your family!

Welcome to Jericho Quill Press.

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Kids & Tweens

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Comfortable Adventures for Kids, Tweens and Teens of Any Christian Faith

Mike Danford #2

Tracking Bigfoot

Mike Danford #4

Dinosaur Dilemma

Mike Danford #3

Sky Pirates

Mike Danford #1

Submarine Spy

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Under My

Teacher's Desk


Jotham's Journey

A Story for Advent

Bartholomew's Passage

A Story for Advent

Tabitha's Travels

A Story for Advent

Films for Fun

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Ishtar's Odyssey

A Story for Advent

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Amon's Adventure

A Story for Easter



New Adventure

"Amon's Secret"

Coming 2021

Click on Amon's photo

for more info!

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How I Lost All Hope -

and then set out to find it

The 12th Privilege

Coming Soon

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