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Amon's Secret

Amons Secret Front Cover

Thirteen-year-old Amon has just watched Jesus ascend into heaven. What will Christ's followers do now? In the midst of Amon's confusion, the apostle Peter hands him an assignment: invent a way for the new Christian church to communicate and meet in secret. It must not be noticed by the penetrating eyes of Jesus' enemies who are still looking for anyone who dared call him the Messiah.

Amon's task quickly turns dangerous. The Sanhedrin, led by Saul, begins hunting down believers in "The Way," even stoning some to death. Now Amon must walk a treacherous line between finishing the job he was given and working safely around those who would kill him if they knew his secret. Can he dodge cranky Romans and angry Pharisees and find a way for the new church to survive?

With short, action-filled chapters, reflections for family devotions, and a foundation of archaeological evidence, Amon's Secret is a fun and powerful way to connect to the church's beginnings.

Amons Secret Back Cover
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