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Ishtar's Odyssey


Ten-year-old Ishtar has a great life.  He's a Prince of Persia, son of the chief of the Magi (wise men who advise the king), and lives on the top floor of the royal palace.  With his bodyguard, Kazeem, never more than a few paces away, all the delicacies of the empire to eat, servants to take care of his every need, and a stream of exotic visitors coming for dinner every night, Ishtar has a great life!


Of course, he does have to attend lessons all day -- languages, mathematics, politics, history.  It's during his astronomy lesson one night that Ishtar sees something strange -- a new star in the sky that no one has ever seen before.  His father and the other magi get all excited, and Ishtar doesn't understand what the fuss is about.  He also doesn't understand that his life is about to change drastically.


Soon Ishtar finds himself on a caravan of smelly camels, walking in the heat and dust of the desert, with little to eat, little to drink, and having to learn all sorts of new lessons.  His new tutor is the wilderness, his lessons are in everyday living, but he's ignorant about the drama and danger to which the star is leading him.

Softcover, 168 pages, with introductory notes, family devotionals, and ideas for celebrating Advent.


Also includes a menu of treats you can serve with most chapters to taste the tastes that Ishtar is tasting!