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Films For Your Enjoyment

Author Arnold Ytreeide worked in the film and television industry for three decades before being asked to start a film school at a university. As part of the curriculum he designed, he gave students the opportunity to work on realistic, Hollywood-style film sets each year, creating a string of television Christmas Specials broadcast across the Pacific Northwest, as well as over a dozen short films. Below are a few examples of their work. While Dr. Ytreeide wrote and directed most of these, to give students that real-life experience, students worked in every other capacity, from Director of Photography to grips, electrics, and production assistants.


An old dog learns new tricks when he discovers things aren't always as they seem.

Starring Ted Pendleton, Leta Neustaedter, Kyle Courtright

5 minutes

700 Volts

Old School confronts New School in this timely tale of changing technologies. Set in a subway station built in our Idaho studio that was so realistic it had native New Yorkers confused.

Starring Rick Lopez and Ethan Bass

28 minutes


In 1820s New York a wealthy magazine publisher is brought down to earth when she meets a young man hired to light some of America's first gas lights.

Starring Leta Neustaedter and Zac Magee

16 minutes

Messenger Pizza

This one is dedicated to all those who serve in our military -- past, present, and future. A cocky college kid and pizza boy is forced to change his attitude when he delivers to some very important people.

Starring Diego Huerta

15 minutes

Is He Worthy?

An inspirational performance of the Dan Forrest arranged song.

5 minutes


If you're up for an hour of entertainment, here's a 5 episode web series. It's a drama about making a sitcom -- kind of a two-for-one deal.  Three young friends decide to leave their network jobs to strike out on their own, only to realize that striking out completely is a very real possibility!

Starring Oscar Diaz, Stephanie Gunstream, and Trevor Gray

5 episodes, about 12 minutes each

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