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Tabitha's Travels

The adventures of Jotham and Bartholomew continue as their friend Tabitha gets thrown into her own adventure.


What happened to Tabitha from the time Jotham left her until Bartholomew met her? Where did she go when she left Qumran, and did she ever accomplish what she set out to do?


Tabitha's Travels follows Jotham's friend to places that girls aren't supposed to go in 4 B.C. Palestine. Never one to shy away from an adventure or a fight, Tabitha shows the men of her world just what a girl can do.


The third installment of the Jotham's Journey series, Tabitha's Travels ties up a lot of loose ends and lets us see what was going on while Jotham and Bartholomew had their backs turned!

Softcover, 168 pages, with introductory notes, family devotionals, and ideas for celebrating Advent.