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Sky Pirates

Book #3 in the Mike Danford Adventure series

Sky Pirates FRONT Cover

"So happy to find great gifts which I see as an absolute BLESSING from our LORD! THANK you so much!"

A Christian pre-teen role-model adventure!


What's going on in Seacrest? Mike and Josh just want to study whales, but the world seems to have gone crazy.

Okay, sure, they're trying to build a dirigible to study those whales, but that's not crazy, is it? Not compared to laser attacks, phantom boats, missing yachts and secret spy bunkers. Oh, and then there's that other thing . . . but we can't talk about that. People would think we're really nuts since it can't possibly be true.

As Mike and Josh try to figure out what's happening, they once again find themselves in perpetual danger. Only their brains, the wisdom of their parents, and their faith in God can get them through!

  • Paperback: 173 pages

  • Ages:  8-16

  • ISBN-10: 1434833674

  • ISBN-13: 978-1434833679

  • USD: $8.39 / $4.99 Kindle

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Sky Pirates BACK Cover
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