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Mike Danford Adventure Series

Safe Adventures for Teens and Pre-Teens of any Christian Faith

Mike Danford and his best friend Josh Roberts are two seventeen-year-old high school students trying their best to live out their Christian beliefs. They're also two adventurous guys who love to discover the world and build things like submarines and dune buggies.

But somehow, in the middle of their researching and inventing, they always manage to find themselves in trouble -- not with the law, but with law-breakers.

Being seventeen, it's usually hard to get the adults to believe their stories, so it's up to the boys to catch and stop all the spies and criminals that wander through their surf-side town of Seacrest.

In the process they make new friends, learn new lessons, and come to depend on their faith in God to carry them through the toughest challenges, always holding to their motto, "There's nothing wrong with doing right."

"My oldest  daughter, 16 years old, a VERY reluctant reader, has recently been devouring the Mike series. It’s SO satisfying to see her nose in a book!"

"There's Nothing Wrong

with Doing Right!"

Most Asked Question:

Q: Does my child have to read these in order?

A: No, but it's probably best. Each book is a stand-alone story, but through the series the boys grow and mature in their faith, and use elements of the previous stories in their current adventure. New friends get introduced in each book, and continue to appear in later books. So your child can read them out of order, but it will make more sense and be more powerful if they read them in the order they were written.


Submarine Spy Front Cover
Deep Sea Front Cover
Tracking Bigfoot Cover
Seismic Secrets Front Cover
Sky Pirates Front Cover
Rune Riddle Front Cover
Dinosaur Dilemma Front Cover
Jungle Doom Front Cover
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