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Dinosaur Dilemma

Book #4 in the Mike Danford Adventure series

Dino Dilemma FRONT Cover

It’s the greatest discovery in dinosaur-hunting history, and Mike gets all the credit! But some discoveries are more dangerous than others, and once again he and Josh are deep in trouble.

This time it will take all their skill, all their wit, and three spectacular dune buggies to solve the puzzle of the dinosaurs. But they’ll need each other, the wisdom of their parents, and their faith in God to survive what they find!

  • Paperback: 170 pages

  • Ages:  8-16

  • ISBN-13: 979-8671221107

  • USD: $8.39 / $4.99 Kindle

See drawings, maps, and other extras from Dinosaur Dilemma. BUT WAIT until after you've read the book or  it might spoil the story!

Dino Dilemma BACK Cover
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A note to adherents of the "Young Earth" view of creation: Parents concerned about this issue should click on the "For Parents" link above and read the spoiler alert under "Dinosaur Dilemma."

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