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Tracking Bigfoot

Book #2 in the Mike Danford Adventure Series

Tracking Bigfoot - An adventure book for Christian pre-teens

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"Great read for middle schoolers. The content is invaluable for maturing young men (and women)."

A Christian pre-teen role model adventure!


Mike and Josh are in trouble again! This time it's from a creature  most people say doesn't even exist. But Mike knows better, and he and Josh must use all their skills, knowledge, and wit to figure out what's going on in the mountains above Seacrest.

Along the way they pick up a new friend, Sanjay, who's eager to help  -- but is he too eager? When things start going wrong and the boys come under attack they have to wonder who's behind it all.

Avalanches, smashed drones, secret installations and hot lava are just a few of the challenges the boys must overcome as they continually remind themselves that there's nothing wrong with doing right!

  • Paperback: 161 pages

  • Ages:  8-16

  • ISBN-10: 1537345060

  • ISBN-13: 978-1537345062

  • USD: $7.99 / $4.99 Kindle

Bigfoot Back Cover Update 8_3_22.jpg
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