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Rune Riddle

Book #7 in the Mike Danford Adventure series

Rune Riddle Front Cover


A fun hike to the top of a mountain with their youth group plunges Mike, Josh, and their friends into a mystery going back a thousand years. Along the way they’ll babysit delinquents, be chased by assassins, and invent the coolest machine since the airplane.

As always, there are plenty of bad-guys trying to stop them, and no lack of adults doubting their abilities. But when it comes right down to it, it’s not what others think, but where God leads, that matters.


Available now on Amazon, soon through most other outlets.

  • Paperback: 211 pages

  • Ages:  8-16

  • ISBN-13: 979-8-9863869-1-1

  • Paperback: $7.99

  • Kindle: $4.99

Check here for drawings, maps, and other information!

Check here for drawings, maps, and other information!

Rune Riddle Back Cover
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