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About the Author


Dr. Arnold Ytreeide is a former police officer, television producer and director, and university professor who now spends his days writing books for both the Christian and secular markets. He grew up and lived half his life in the Seattle area, and now resides near Boise, Idaho. He has spent most of his life working in or closely connected to the film and television industries. He loves travel, scuba diving, writing, filmmaking, and reading. Arnold is married to Elsie Jo, and has two grown and married children and five grandchildren.


With a degree in theology and a lifetime of searching out the truths in God's Word, he wrote the story of Jotham's Journey for his own children when they were young, which became his first published book.


When asked about his philosophy/theology of life, Arnold responded: "I believe absolutely in the self-giving love of a creator God as the foundation of the universe, and in the unselfish example of Jesus Christ His Son as the model and goal for our own lives. I believe we could enjoy the benefits of Heaven on earth today if only we could grasp the depth and sufficiency of God's love, and reflect this selfless love in our attitudes and actions towards others. I stand with Martin Luther's 'Justification by Faith,' and with John Wesley when he writes that Love is, '...the attribute that sheds an amiable glory on all (God's) other perfections.'"


Arnold takes this distinct and simple theology and transforms it into wonderfully readable and compelling stories. As with so many of his writings and productions, he talks plainly to every-day folk using the medium of story, and in so doing touches both our minds and our hearts.


Besides degrees in Criminal Justice and Theology, Arnold has an M.A. in Communication and a Ph.D. in Media Philosophy, as well as certificates in Film Producing and Film Directing.  His experience and education allow him to teach everything from law to screenwriting to producing, cinematography and directing.


On his work and accomplishments Arnold writes, "I am a sinner, first and foremost, which makes God's grace and forgiveness the first and foremost accomplishment of my life, an accomplishment which I do not deserve, and has nothing to do with my own talent or skills.  In my life I have hurt many, the regret of which fuels my ever-growing desire to be more like Christ.  In my life I have received blessing upon blessing, and if any of that can be called an accomplishment, it is the accomplishment of God's spirit within me.  I am truly nothing, without Him."



About Potential Movies


Yes, the rumors are true, there is a screenplay ready for Jotham's Journey (and the other stories) and at one point New Line Cinema was considering turning it into a movie.  But no, the movie won't be made anytime soon.  New Line was sold to another company which decided to make a trilogy about some other lord and a ring instead:)


But It often takes years - and often decades - to get movies financed and made, so it's still a possibility. And while there continues to be serious interest from studios, stars, and producers year after year - most recently a series of meetings in the winter of 2024 - the right set of circumstances have not yet fallen into place.


About Jericho Quill Press


Jericho Quill Press is a DBA of Jericho Pictures, LLC, an Idaho Limited Liability Corporation.  Jericho Pictures is a film production company operated by Arnold and Elsie Jo Ytreeide. 


While Arnold's major works have been published by national publishing houses, he has many smaller works that he calls "just for fun" for smaller niche audiences.  JQP was formed for the purpose of making all of these books available to the public. 


Since the initial release of the Jotham's Journey trilogy, thousands of people have written, called, emailed, and visited in person, asking about those and other of his writings.  JQP is the answer to those requests.



For Booksellers


Individual copies of Arnold's books are available at most online stores.  However, we are also able to sell in bulk, at discount, to booksellers, all JQP titles.


For bulk sales of his major works, such a Jotham's Journey, please contact the publisher at


If you're a bookseller and interested in purchasing any of the JQP titles on this site, please email us and we'll contact you with terms and arrangements.


Please email us at:



How Do You Pronounce That Name?


Ytreeide is a Norwegian name that means, roughly, an area of land at the end of a fjord.

Even the American Ytreeides can barely pronounce the name in its native tongue, but the Americanized version sounds like this:



yt - tree - ide

it - tree - ide ("tide" without the "t")



Arnold Ytreeide
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