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Amon Series - Jerusalem

Jerusalem Mosque

The present city, as seen from the Mount of Olives. The Dome of the Rock is in the foreground, and is built on the site of temple. In the background, outside the old city walls, is the completely modern city of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Temple

A model of the temple in Jerusalem, facing the Kidron Valley, as it appeared at the time of Jesus.  Click here for a diagram of the temple itself. The fortress of Antonia, with its four towers, is at the back right corner of the temple mount.

Jerusalem Street
Jerusalem Stairs

Streets in old Jerusalem are narrow, and many are steep, as they were in Jesus' day.  Below are some of the many archaeological sites from Bible times, such as the Tower of David.

Jerusalem Tower
Jerusalem walls
Jerusalem Wailing Wall

The "Wailing Wall" at the base of the temple mount. Since this is all that remains of the temple, Jews (and others) come here to pray.

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