Under My Teacher's Desk

"We own and have read all of Ytreeide's books. We read them together as a family. I love the way he ends each chapter in suspense. The kids are always begging to read one more!"

New Edition!

From The Author: "I originally wrote this story for my wife's fourth grade class, and published the raw first draft of it just so we could buy copies for each of them. But then many other people found out about the story and started ordering copies, so I decided I'd better make it suitable for the general public! My seven-year-old granddaughter helped me clean up and polish the story (as I read it to her) and now her second grade teacher is reading it to her class. I hope you, too,  enjoy reading about the adventures of Jeremy, Jasmine, Thomas, Adam, and Tracy as they discover the strange things going on -- under their teacher's desk!"







  • Paperback: 156 pages

  • Ages:  8-14

  • ISBN-10: 1974680134

  • ISBN-13: 978-1974680139

  • USD: $7.99