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Amon's Adventure Quiz

Below is the comprehension quiz, with answers at the bottom.


1. What did Amon have to do before entering the temple?
   A. Make a sacrifice
   B. Pay a tax
   C. Take a bath
   D. Ask a priest

2.  Who was Amon’s rabbi (teacher)?
   A. Saul
   B. Gamaliel
   C. Joseph of Arimathea
   D. Caiaphas

3.  Why was Caiaphas so angry at the banquet Amon played and spoke at?
   A. Someone had stolen money from the temple treasury
   B. The veil in the temple had torn in two
   C. Too many people had come to Jerusalem for Passover
   D. Jesus had healed people and called the leaders hypocrites

4.  Which of these was NOT one of Amon’s special inventions or projects?
   A. A cart with four wheels
   B. Running water in his mother’s kitchen
   C. A ceiling fan
   D. Glass windows

5.  Who accused Amon’s father of stealing from the temple?
   A. Caiaphas
   B. Raphu    
   C. Pilate
   D. Sisera the perfume merchant

6.  Why was Amon so irritated with Tamar all the time?
   A. She believed Jesus was the Messiah
   B. She knew more than he did
   C. She didn’t like his flute playing
   D. She teased him about his name

7.  What did Benjamin see Raphu doing that Amon thought he could pressure Raphu with?
   A. Sleeping on duty
   B. Entering the house of chance
   C. Eating sacrificial meat
   D. Making fun of Caiaphas

8.  Who did Amon insult at the Pool of Bethesda?
   A. Caiaphas
   B. Jesus
   C. Raphu
   D. Melchi

9.  Who helped Amon leave the prison after he’d been arrested????
   A. Saul and Cornelius
   B. Cornelius and Gamaliel
   C. Jospeh and Saul
   D. Gamaliel and Joseph
10.  What did Amon learn from his adventure?
           A. Jesus is the Messiah
   B. He (Amon) can’t always fix things through logical thinking
   C. Girls are just as smart as boys
   D. God’s way of working isn’t always what we expect it to be
   E. All of the above . . . and many more








1-C,  2-B,  3-D,  4-A, 5-A,  6-A,  7-B,  8-D,  9-D,  10-E

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