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Story, Structure,

and Video Production:

A Director's Approach

For students, teachers, business perons, pastors, or anyone else who wants to make simple, professional videos that communicate.


Communicating through the language of images and sounds isn't as easy as it looks.  Yet, because we've all seen lots of movies and TV shows, we think we're ready to direct our own films.


Not so, says university film professor Arnold Ytreeide.  In this text, written as an introduction to film for his freshman students, Ytreeide breaks into the secret world of the movie director to expose the methods they use to create powerful messages.


He then applies those methods to marketing videos, school videos, church videos and more, demonstrating how anyone with a camcorder cna make professional looking films with just a little effort.


While Ytreeide covers the basics of video production -- lighting, sound, editing, and so forth -- as he says throughout the text, this is not a book about pushing buttons.  It's a book about how and why and when to push those buttons.


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