The 12th Privilege

Privilege Front Cover.jpg

Kyle is a young man, not yet twenty-four. If he hadn’t dropped out of the fifth grade, he might now be starting a career. If he hadn’t spent his life taking from others, he might now have something to give. If he knew how to have a relationship, he might already have a family.
      But Kyle has none of that . . . until he meets a woman, in a place, such as he has never known before.  A prison, he’ll call it at first, and she a warden. In time, and just in time, he’ll discover its true nature.
     Kyle now has a chance that many of us have dreamt of, that many of us desperately need, that few of us will ever get.
     The chance to start over.

     Like his novel How I Lost All Hope, in The Twelfth Privilege, author Arnold Ytreeide presents a view of what it is to be human, without a strictly Christian message. Instead, he opens up the concepts of sin, forgiveness, sacrifice, and redemption to a general audience, and spins a thought-provoking tale appropriate for mature high schoolers through adults.

  • Paperback: 203 pages

  • Ages:  Mature High School through Adult

  • ISBN-9781663591302

  • USD: $11.99