My Lupus


This book is for you if...


- you've recently been diagnosed with lupus, OR...

- you're a man, or young man, with the disease, OR...

- you'd just like to get some ideas about coping with the pain, fatigue, and other symptoms


Writer, producer, director, university professor Arnold Ytreeide has led a busy life.  Add to that list frequent “caregiver” for three parents with Alzheimer’s Disease, and Arnold’s days left little time for anything but family, church, and work. It certainly left no time for a chronic disease.


But in the summer of 2005 he contracted two infections that led to the autoimmune disease lupus.


It took some time to figure out what it meant to have lupus.  With the help of his wife Elsie, Arnold has spent the years since his diagnosis learning what lupus means for him, and how to manage the symptoms for the best possible quality of life.


And now he’s sharing what they learned, including his discovery of a "miracle drug" that has made his symptoms all but disappear.


My Lupus is about the unique manifestation of the disease in Arnold’s life.  It's called My Lupus because he's not a doctor, and can only speak intelligently about his own experiences.  With the understanding that every lupus victim faces a different set of symptoms, but knowing there are also many similarities among those victims, he shares in this short text the story of his journey, his symptoms, and what he’s found that works.



Why My Lupus?

My Discovery

My Diagnosis

My Symptoms

My Routines

My Diet

My Miracle

My Faith

My Support

My Life


Page Count: 60

Binding Type: US Trade Paper

Trim Size: 6" x 9"

Language: English

Color: Black and White

Related Categories: Health & Fitness / Diseases / Immune System




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