The Most Excellent People

A Parable of Leadership & Management


A time or two ago, but not so unrecently, in a place more near than far lived The Most Excellent People.  Who were they?  They were workers, some, and management too.  They were wise ones, and old, though some were young.  They were the people who built the Palace, and those who administered it. 

Until less excellent people took over.

The question, though, isn’t really ‘who were they?’  Really, only one question needs to be asked.  One question alone which has a bit of pertinence, and anything at all to bear on the issue.  The only question with which we need concern ourselves is this:

Are you one of them?


The Most Excellent People is a parable -- a secular parable -- about recessions, fiscal cliffs, leadership and what's really important.  It offers a few thoughts on the state of the world as it is and has always been.  It will be inspirational, if you allow it, perhaps even educational. 

It might even help you decide to be a better you.

And if you happen to be in charge of other people -- be they children, employees, parishioners or constituents -- it might make you a better you for them as well.


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