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The M.R.S Degree - A Musical. Kinda.

MRS Front Cover.jpg

Yes it's true, author Arnold Ytreeide wrote a full-length musical (kinda) that premiered in 2016.

Do some people really go to college just to find a mate? They do in this musical comedy! Set at a small college in the 1930s overlorded by Dr. Stern and Dr. Glum, we follow the lives and romances, ups and downs, major-changes and baseball games of three off-and-on-again couples through their four-year academic career.

Appropriate for high school, college, or community theater. Of course, we won't turn down Broadway either when they beg to produce it!

CAREFUL! This is a script for a play, NOT a book!

PRODUCERS & DIRECTORS: Inquire through the contact page above for more information, sample script, bulk scripts, and licensing.

  • Run Time: 2:15 with intermission and all options

  • Orchestra: As small as a piano, as big as you want

  • Main Parts: 5M, 4F

  • Chorus: 6 to 12ish

  • USD: $7.95

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