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How I Lost All Hope

and then set out to find it.


This one's for grownups, specifically those over 30 who know what it's like to have regrets, live with dissappointment, and feel like all hope is lost.

In other words, it's for humans who have been around a while.

Thomas Wright knows all those things, and knows them all too well.  It was two years ago, his night of regret, the night his world changed -- seemingly irreversibly.  As he himself admits, it wasn't a true tragedy by contemporary standards -- it didn't involve drugs, or sex, or death. But he also argues that the worst death of all is the death of a relationship, and especially the relationship between parent and child.

Enter Dr. Phillip Kendrick and his magical little box. With the help of the good doctor, Thomas finally finds a smidgen of hope, a possibility that he can change his past and make all things right again.

But sometimes the past doesn't like to be disturbed, and Thomas begins a spiral of ever-worsening reactions to his actions until finally he sets out on the most absurd plan of all.


Paperback and Kindle editions available.


Read the first few pages for free on Amazon.


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