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Stormy Beach

"Powerful historical fiction. A good story based in fact, for middle grade and up." (Amazon review)

Amons Secret Front Cover


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        I can't tell you how much we love ALL of your stories.  We've been reading the Christmas ones for years and are reading Amon now for the 3rd time. I have read all the Mike Danford books aloud and lately my kids have been reading them....till all hours of the night.


Mike Danford #7 - NOW AVAILABLE!

Rune Riddle Front Cover

Mike and Josh have proven that they can accomplish what others think is impossible, but this? It's impossible!

With faith bigger than a mustard seed, the two boys and all their  friends set out to move mountains - mountains of opposition, mountains of doubt, and mountains of rock!

Of course, what really gets them through is the mountain of faith they have, in themselves, in their parents, and in their God.


Now Available!

Amons Secret Front Cover

Book #2 Now Shipping

After the excitement of Amon's Adventure, he's back with a new challenge: help figure out what it means to build a whole new religion. Of course, there are many in Jerusalem who want to crush this annoying new movement -- including one of Amon's best friends -- but Amon's Secret keeps everyone safe. For a time. Eventually he must learn, again, that God is in control of all things.

Amon's Secret can be read together by families, or as a personal time of adventure and learning any time of the year.

Check here for drawings, maps, and other information!

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Kids & Tweens

Comfortable Christian Adventure Books for Kids, Tweens and Teens

SubSpy Front  Cover
Bigfoot Front Cover
Sky Pirates Cover
Dino Front Cover

Mike Danford #2

Tracking Bigfoot

Mike Danford #4

Dinosaur Dilemma

Mike Danford #3

Sky Pirates

Mike Danford #1

Submarine Spy

Amazon Rating
Amazon Rating
Amazon Rating
Amazon Rating
Deep Sea Front Cover
Seismic Front Cover
Rune Riddle Front Cover
UMTD Front Cover

Mike Danford #5

Deep Sea Demons

Mike Danford #6

Seismic Secrets

Under My

Teacher's Desk

Mike Danford #7



Not a religious book

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Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and Anytime Adventures

built around real Bible Stories

Jotham Front Cover

Jotham's Journey

A Story for Advent

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Films for Fun

Ishtar Cover copy

Ishtar's Odyssey

A Story for Advent

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Bart Front Cover

Bartholomew's Passage

A Story for Advent

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Amon  Adventure Cover

Amon's Adventure

A Story for Easter

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Tabitha Front Cover

Tabitha's Travels

A Story for Advent

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Amons Secret Front Cover

Amon's Secret

A Family Story of the

First Christians



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